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LinkedIn:  Employees tell better stories than marketers do. Download this guide to learn more:
Twitter: Employees tell better stories than you do. Download this guide on #EmployeeAdvocacy

A framework for brand storytelling - I believe this. Do you?

LinkedIn:  Your competitors are already thinking about building #EmployeeAdvocacy programs.
Twitter: Don’t be that 55%. Get ahead of the curve with #EmployeeAdvocacy Learn more:

LinkedIn:  Download this marketer's guide to building an employee advocacy program:
Twitter: Learn about employee brand storytelling from real practitioners #EmployeeAdvocacy

LinkedIn:  Employees are trusted more than marketing. Here's a guide to learn all about it
Twitter: Brand storytelling with a twist. Download this guide on #EmployeeAdvocacy

LinkedIn:  This is just one of many insights in this guide about #EmployeeAdvocacy
Twitter: This is just one of many insights in this guide about #EmployeeAdvocacy

LinkedIn: Download this guide to building employee advocacy program
Twitter: Build your content strategy around your employees. Download this guide to learn how

LinkedIn: Learn about Employee Advocacy from 7 brand marketers
Twitter: Nothing beats learning about #EmployeeAdvocacy from real practitioners w/real experience

LinkedIn: Employees-generated content is critical to reach your audience. It's trusted & more credible
Twitter: Employees-generated content is critical for your brand. Now go operationalize it